Hello and welcome to exotic birds and Parrot eggs home. We have available parrots and parrots eggs for sale at moderate prices. Parrots available: Cockatoos, African grey, Macaws . Parrots and Ostrich eggs available too. Email:(cameronmills123456@gmail.com) Or Text (724) 241-3049 website:http://exoticbirdseggs.com
These lovely parrots are ready to go to any loving and caring home willing to welcome them. They are playful, interactive and have a great relation with human and other home pets.These parrots will bring you joy and happiness in your family. So year 6 Months old and well vaccinated. Email:(cameronmills123456@gmail.com) Or Text (724) 241-3049 if interested.Visit our website:http://exoticbirdsegg...
Hi I am selling my lovely super pair tame 11 months old African grey parrots friendly used to family environment still young health and feathers perfect has their a10 cities certificate comes with their cage which is in great condition for more info please contact Email:(cameronmills123456@gmail.com) Or Text (724) 241-3049 website:http://exoticbirdseggs.com/
Beautiful cuddly girlie. Extremely friendly & tame with no behavioural problems Change of circumstances forces sale. Previous parrot experience preferred & homes checked She is a very reluctant sale and I've had her since she was born. You can Email:(cameronmills123456@gmail.com) Or Text (724) 241-3049 for further information Website:http://exoticbirdseggs.com/
African grey baby 11 months old beautiful big parrot closed ring including hatch certificate.starting to talk now says hello does the phone bell and laughs and coughs like humans.comes on hand loves being stroked on head and tickles flies over to me. selling due to personal circumstances and need a loving home no time wasters and no offers this is the right age to own one and hard to find at th...
16-May-2018Brooklyn, NY(22 miles)Birds for Sale
We currently have a dove available for adoption.... Gentle and peaceful birds, doves can be soothing pets to handle and enjoy. Although there are over 300 species of doves, they are scientifically no different than the pigeon (just smaller in size). Doves live an average of twelve to 20yrs, but can live longer. The dove's adoption charge is $10. Our experienced staff is available to talk with y...
16-May-2018Brooklyn, NY(22 miles)Birds for Sale
We currently have a few cockatiels available for adoption in a variety of colors...To keep your cockatiel entertained and active in the cage (and out!), you will want to supply lots of foraging opportunities - wild cockatiels are serious foragers and yours has that same instinct. It is a nice source of physical and mental activity. The cockatiels adoption charge is $50 each. Our experienced sta...
2-May-2018Brooklyn, NY(22 miles)Birds for Sale
We currently have a few parakeets available for adoption in a variety of colors... The Parakeet is 1 of the most owned little parrots around the world. All Parakeets are loud sometime, just not as loud as the larger parrots. You will have more noise if you have 2 or more birds, especially in the same cage. They will play and argue with each other, and that makes for more noise. Providing Parake...
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